You want your life to be whole, conscious, purposeful and prosperous: relationships, career, health, business.
Apply the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui to consciously craft positive flow in your life, relationships and business.

If you are ready to feel powerful, peaceful and prosperous while insuring that you are optimizing your life and business, and realizing the results you want, the in-depth approach of Whole Life Feng Shui™ is the right program for you.

Feng Shui is a gentle gateway into understanding and creating the life, love & livelihood you envision. Entering offers you the possibilities of improved health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

It is about so much more than “moving your stuff!” It is about improving relationships in every area of life–with yourself,  your goals, your intentions, your beliefs, your career, your business AND with all the people in your life, at home & at work.

Work with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler now to create the “Whole Life”  you most want.

A perfectly arranged room can be beautiful, but have questionable feng shui. It can also be a museum. But, when it perfectly arranged room with questionable feng shuipurposefully reflects the consciousness and intentions of the people who live or work there, it is vital, dynamic and alive. It’s energetic! It is effective. And, you enjoy being in the space.

Uncovering your deeply-held intentions (not just the ones that get lip service, the seeming “shoulds” of life) is integral to the process.  Dr. Rhoberta Shaler brings her broad expertise and experience in psychology and business to her feng shui consultations.For more than thirty years, she has lead individuals, teams and audiences on journeys of self-discovery and personal mastery.  She will lead you and walk with you to initiate and review the process, to bring your intentions into conscious focus and realize results.

Whole Life Feng Shui

Whole Life Feng Shui™ is a process that leads you to deep understanding of your desired contributions in life, and to their  manifestation. It is the conscious understanding and expression of form, function and flow in your home and work environments.

It is not magical. It IS energetic. Everything is energy, as we know from quantum physics. When you bring your conscious attention and intention to inhabit your home as a metaphor for your life, you are surrounded with, and attracting, your desired outcomes.

As you work with Dr. Shaler to uncover, discover and unleash your unique contributions to life, she will lead you through the obstacles and resistance you may have–consciously or subconsciously–to creating, accepting and maintaining the peace, harmony, joy, success and prosperity you envision.

Feng Shui is a process of change that consciously invites
the shift from intention to realization.

Whole Life Feng Shui™ is a conscious process of aligning your intentions, your relationships, your goals, your environments and your health. By engaging with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, you will clarify your sense of purpose, your focus, and your beliefs about yourself, others, business and prosperity.

No stones will be left unturned on the pathway to the true prosperity you envision.
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