Affirmations for Each Area of the Bagua

Write these affirmations, or others you are inspired to write, and place them in the areas of the rooms corresponding to the feng shui bagua areas you wish to strengthen, enhance or improve.

Read them daily to reinforce your clear intentions.



I feel great and I am in perfect health.
I find joy in my family relationships.
I find strength in my flexibility with others.
People always treat me like part of their family.


Money finds me easily, now and always.
I always have enough money, health, success and friends.
As I give to others, I receive.


I am well respected in the world.
I am well known for my talents and skills.


I am in the perfect loving, intimate relationship.
I accept myself unconditionally and love and honor myself.
I love everyone, and receive love from everyone.


I find joy in my ability to easily express my creativity.
There is an endless supply of creative talent within me, and I am able to tap into it
whenever wish.
I am in perfect harmony and balance with my children.

Helpful People

I am always in the right place at the right time.
People are always available to help when I need them.
People always treat me fairly and honestly.


I am now living my true calling.
I am now in the flow of my destiny.
I now live the perfect life for me.
The universe now knows my dreams and is making it my reality.

Skills, Knowledge & Spirituality

I am a wise person in all situations.
The genius within me is now available and I am in touch with universal wisdom.


I feel great and I am in perfect health.
I am centered, grounded, healthy and at peace with all.
I am harmonious and find joy in my own power.
Joyful surprises reach me every day.

Use these affirmations–positive, present tense, powerful, purposeful–to support your clear intentions.

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