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It’s all in the balance! In order to be healthy, you need to have a balance among the aspects of your life that make–and keep– you whole, vital, energetic, joy-filled and peaceful. That may sound ideal, and it is! But it is far from idealistic. You can create an maintain the balance that brings you health.

It is common for folks to do too much. In fact, “I’m exhausted.” almost equates to “I’m indispensable.” in many people’s minds, sadly enough. When Henry David Thoreau wrote “It’s not enough to be busy. What are you busy about?” he was asking a prime question of health as well as productivity. If balance is not your intention, anxiety, chaos, pressure and resentment are likely to be the tyrants that will take you down!

Feng Shui is much more than the placement of objects in space. Its deep, ancient wisdom principles apply to all areas of life. Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, has a lifelong interest in health. Her post-graduate work was in transpersonal psychology. For eight years, she owned Serenity Farm Retreat, a beautiful, restorative rural facility where she facilitated seminars and classes on health, relationship, management and yoga. She can help you create and maintain the balance that leads to health.

Call her at The Optimize Center in Escondido, CA, at 760.747.8686 for a confidential consultation about how best to work together to realize the results you want.

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