Your Relationships

Relationships, like homes, businesses or offices, benefit from the conscious application of Feng Shui principles. In fact, almost everything about Feng Shui is relational in nature, so, it is no surprise that your primary, family or workplace relationships can be enhanced, clarified and improved with this approach.

Every consultation begins with in-depth questions to help you determine the underlying values, desires, beliefs and assumptions you bring to any relationship. That is like the foundation or footprint of your house. How you prepare and lay it down determines the shape, direction, height and stability you create. It has to be done consciously, thoughtfully, and purposefully. And, your relationship is reflected in both partners, in their ability to love, to respond, to handle frustrations, and to stay open, compassionate. forgiving and supportive.

The Feng Shui of your relationship is important to your well-being and to the possibilities for experiencing joy, love and true partnership. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, creator of Whole Life Feng Shui, is trained as a psychologist, and is well-experienced in helping couples resolve relationship issues healthily and recover from relationship wisely.  Adding the principles of Feng Shui to the psychological insights she offers will help you and your relationship immeasurably.

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