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Although your office and desk may not look at all like the photo to the left, it may feel that way to you. And, if it does, it becomes an “energy leak” that can cause you to feel badly about yourself, to procrastinate, or to self-sabotage.

There are ways around that and one of them is Whole Life Feng Shui.  It considers who you are, who and what you want to be and create in life, and helps you move in that direction in a focused, clear way. Using the unique process created by Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, founder of Whole Life Feng Shui, you will get greater clarity about yourself, and that will be reflected in your work life and business.

If you share working space with others, this process can be done to reflect your work area alone, or it can be done with the team to create the most conducive work environment for all concerned…including those concerned with increasing creativity and productivity!  For those very important reasons, it is wise and sound investment.

If you are a solo-preneur, Feng Shui can hold the key to your future. 

Clarifying what you want to accomplish as your contribution to the world, in what way, at what levels, for what reasons, is part of the Whole Life Feng Shui process. Only then can you create the working environment that will support your clear purposes.

If you have a question about Feng Shui - a particular issue you need help with, a practical application dilemma, or something else - submit it here.

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